Leather & Upholstery Clean

Leather & Upholstery Clean

We clean all kind of fabrics such as Silk, Indian cotton, Sanderson linen, Velvet, Tapestry and many more. All the fabrics are cleaned carefully and effectively by the team of professionals.

We know that leather products give your home a fabulous look and maintaining and retaining their value is really important. Leather products require more care than other products so these products need to be nourished every year as it prevents them for cracking or fading. Our professionals restore the original look of your leather by applying creams and conditioners to it. In the end scotchgaurd is applied to keep the leather in good condition.

Scotchgard Features

  • Seals the textile when it has been cleaned to the highest standard.
  • Allows you to do your own maintenance
  • You can simply vacuum clean or wipe over to keep it in perfect order
  • Stops damage caused by liquid or food spills, simply wipe away
  • Reduces fading due to sunlight
  • Reduces the risk of cigarette burns
  • Helps keep fibre supple and retain lustre and bounce
  • Adds many years of life to your textile by reducing soil penetration and allowing dirt and grit to be easily vacuumed away

Why clean your leather?

Your leather lounge suite or car seats are a valuable investment worth maintaining and protecting to retain their value and keep in peak condition. Leather needs annual nourishment cleaning and protecting so as to avoid cracking, dirt impregnation and colour fade or loss, resulting in costly replacement.

Let us rejuvenate your leather with our specially formulated technique and rejuvenating creams and conditioners. By cleaning your leathers, you will add years of life to your investment!

Why commercial furniture cleaning is important

Furniture in commercial premises is generally used a lot more than in private residences. This means more contact with skin oils and outside debris, which can lead to faster wear and tear.

Commercial furniture cleaning thoroughly removes dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and other nasties lurking deep inside the fibres. You get peace of mind that your furniture is clean and hygienic, and you’re offering a healthy environment for employees and customers. This also means a longer lifespan for your furniture and less costly repairs or replacements.

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